What we do

U2 Global Marketing offers security and defense turnkey solutions for military and HLS agencies. Our client include armed forces, intelligence and law enforcement organizations worldwide. We deliver a wide range of high performance equipment and custom made products from leading manufactures and suppliers together with on-site technical training and support for system operators and technicians.

U2 Global Marketing provides advanced "special operations" training program for elite military, security and counter-terrorist units in order to seamlessly implement our special means in the fields of EOD, K9, border control, anti riot, S.W.A.T units and more...

How we do it

Our world-class military and security experts tailor a modular solution, according to our clients needs and budget.

Together we plan the best way to achieve the challenging, goal, through the process of system design and product development we lead our clients until perfection. We trains and prepares your personnel and delivers full maintenance technical support services based on recognized international standards.